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Employee Computer Monitoring


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User Activity Monitoring

Insider Threat Detection

Improving Work Efficiency

To understand how Weaview can help you improve the work efficiency of employees, prevent internal leaks, fly orders, and protect trade secrets, you can tell us your needs, so that we can provide you with professional solutions.

Function Brief

With Ping32 you have access to a robust automated rules engine that can prevent any unwanted behavior. In many cases, just letting the employee know they’re being monitored can change their behavior to follow company policies.
All features can be turned on & off in order to customize your monitoring to meet company policies and legal requirements. The software can be used in revealed or hidden modes.

Comprehensive monitoring of QQ, WeChat, E-mail, file sending behavior, take the lead in supporting HTTPS\SSL protocol, hidden security.

Computer screen monitoring

Remote computer screen monitoring, support multiple screen view, screen wall.Support intelligent screenshots and screen recording.

Data loss prevention

Limit the file out, monitor and backup the file out, do the defense in advance, afterwards have evidence to be checked.

Sensitive content analysis (Hot!)

Automatic content analysis of documents at risk of disclosure to check whether they contain sensitive keywords.

Alarm Prompt

When there are violations such as leaks and turnover risks, the administrator will receive the warning notice in the first time.

Blocking irrelevant websites and software, controlling usb flash disk and sending out files, and improving work efficiency.


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