NSecsoft is a technology-driven company focusing on the development of information security products and related services.It is the world’s leading professional provider of information security products and service solutions with completely independent intellectual property rights.Headquartered in the United States, in Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, the United Kingdom, India and other major countries have branches, to provide customers with convenient, convenient and efficient service support.

After years of continuous innovation, through independent research and development of terminal security management system, build the whole life cycle of a one-stop information security products and the overall solution platform, is widely used in government, finance, military industry, operators, manufacturing, energy and other industries of large well-known units and institutions, for the domestic more than 10000 users, more than 2 million terminals to provide security.

With its forward-looking innovation concept, strong r&d strength and the most comprehensive, rich and perfect product line in the industry, anzai has been highly recognized within and outside the industry.In the future, anzai will always uphold the enterprise culture of integrity, diligence, innovation and passion to provide more customers with quality information security services.